Performance of Self-Triggered Control Approaches

  • Carlos Rosero Universidad Técnica del Norte
  • Cristina Vaca Universidad Técnica del Norte
  • Luz Tobar Subía Universidad Técnica del Norte
  • Fredy Rosero Universidad Técnica del Norte
Keywords: real-time computing, sampling rules, optimal control, event-driven control, linear quadratic regulator


The self-triggered control produces non-periodic sampling sequences that vary depending on design factors related to stability and performance of the controlled system. Within this framework, two approaches aimed at minimizing a quadratic cost have been developed recently, considering an optimal performance and pursuing the same control objective; each approach follows a different sampling rule. One approach is based on maintaining the current control value as long as possible, while an optimal performance threshold is not passed. The other approach is based on the generation of a piecewise control signal, which approximates a continuous optimal control signal subject to certain constraints. This article presents a comparative study between the two approaches, providing a useful insight for conducting future research. Control performance and resource utilization were considered as metrics of interest and to evaluate them, the average sampling interval and the standardized cost were taken into account. It was shown that the different search space of each approach poses a challenge to design an equitable framework of comparison, and that both approaches exceed the periodic sampling.


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