Root-Locus Analysis of Delayed First and Second Order Systems

  • Moisés Ríos Flores Instituto Politécnico Nacional
  • J.F. Marquez-Rubio Instituto Politécnico Nacional
  • B. del Muro-Cuellar Instituto Politécnico Nacional
  • E. Aranda-Bricaire CINVESTAV IPN
Keywords: time-delay, root locus diagram, feedback control, poles, zeros


For finite dimensional linear system the root-locus method is well established however for the case of delayed systems the method has some problems due to the transcendental term involved. This work intends to illustrate the problems that arises when a root-locus diagram is performed as well as to develop a Matlab function that provides the root-locus diagram for delayed low order systems. In this way, some comments about the problems that should be tackled to obtain a generalization of the computational method for delayed systems with real m poles and n zeros


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