Visual pollution Indicators and its Effects on Population


  • Valeria Fuentes Correa Universidad Tecnológica Equinoccial
  • Anita Argüello Mejía Universidad Tecnológica Equinoccial



Visual Pollution, People Effects, Indicators, Publicity


One of the areas where you can distinguish an increase in business activity is Cotocollao parish, located in the Metropolitan District of Quito, this commercial development has meant an increase in the outdoor advertising, which is a source of visual pollution. The aims of this investigation are estimate levels of visual pollution in an area of Cotocollao parish, and its effects on the population, propose indicators measuring, analyzing critical points that the area has with respect to the visual pollution and compliance with respect to the outdoor advertising set in the sector. Methodology is based on the proposal of indicators made based on the research conducted and local regulations, which are proposed for a quantitative analysis of this type of contamination and thus estimate existing levels; and implementation of surveys on the population of the place to make a qualitative analysis of the effects of this pollution. Estimated levels of visual pollution present in this place were the Middle and Upper-Middle mostly, and effects that this pollution has had on the population are eyestrain, headaches, stress, visual obstructions, among others.



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Fuentes Correa, V., & Argüello Mejía, A. (2015). Visual pollution Indicators and its Effects on Population. Enfoque UTE, 6(3), pp. 115 - 132.