Implementation of a system to evaluate the coverage of the sigfox network inside buildings




SigFox, signal, power, coverage, IoT


Low-energy wireless wide-area networks are a key technology for the development of the Internet of Things. Like any wireless communications system, it requires that during the design the place where the network will be deployed be inspected to determine the locations where the signal is weak. Sigfox is a network with wireless access that provides the connectivity service for the Internet of Things. When the sensor nodes are located inside buildings, the level of the received signal can vary, due to internal obstructions and interference, so it is necessary to have systems that take into account the technical characteristics of the Sigfox network, to measure the levels. signal strength inside buildings and identify locations where there is no signal. The implemented system allows obtaining information on the signal levels inside the buildings in order to identify the locations in which the nodes do not have connectivity with the network and find solutions to this problem before implementing the network. The system implementation uses Sipy nodes programmed with Pymark and the Sigfox cloud, while the application development uses API and APIREST in the Visual Studio development environment.



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