Ahead-of-print (Preprint)

The increasing rates of progress in research require an accelerated dissemination of the results to the scientific and professional community, beyond the traditional rates imposed by printed periodicity.

Enfoque UTE, has a section of works formally accepted by the Scientific Council, but not yet officially published. This Ahead-of-print (Preprint) section includes all the works that are waiting to appear online, formally, in the next issue of Enfoque UTE. Each paper already has its own unique DOI, as well as the dates of receipt, review, acceptance and preprint.

When the articles are published in their final edition, they are removed from this section of the Journal. There may be slight formal differences between the Preprint version of the article and the final version, as well as a different final layout, a consequence of the latest style correction and layout processes.

Published: 2023-12-22