Implementation of laboratory practice with minimal cost

  • Idalberto Tamayo Ávila Universidad Tecnológica Equinoccial
  • Luis Geovanny Pazmiño Bravo CELEC EP TRANSELECTRIC
  • Diego Fabián Valencia Alvear Universidad Tecnológica Equinoccial
  • Mayra Maiuxi Galván Paredes CNEL SANTO DOMINGO
  • Marcos Antonio Batista Zaldívar Unidad Educativa Virgilio Drouet
Keywords: laboratory, experimental skills, errors, validation, optimization


(Received: 2015/05/04 - Accepted: 2015/06/15)

In this work is reported an initiative to implement 24 assembly laboratories for General Physics, Applied Physics and Heat and Electromagnetism, in the premises of the Universidad Tecnológica Equinoccial (Santo Domingo, Ecuador). For this purpose three student memoires where designed and performed with unused, stored equipment, plus some additional material coming from students contribution. Each practice was set up and validated for teaching purposes with the methods of calculation errors and linear regression. This work saved the institution $16,369.57 compared with the cost of buying a commercial set for the laboratory.


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Tamayo Ávila, I., Pazmiño Bravo, L. G., Valencia Alvear, D. F., Galván Paredes, M. M., & Batista Zaldívar, M. A. (2015). Implementation of laboratory practice with minimal cost. Enfoque UTE, 6(2), pp. 44 - 58.
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