Details of large-panel buildings seismic analysis


  • Sergei Emelyanov Southwest State University
  • Yurij Nemchinov State Research Institute of Building Constructions
  • Vladimir Kolchunov Southwest State University
  • Igor Yakovenko National Aviation University



earthquakes, buildings, earthquake resistance, non-linear response spectra


The normative requirements of different European countries, USA, CIS, Canada, etc. codes on ensuring of buildings and structures safety at earthquakes are analyzed. The methodology based on non-elastic response spectrum of buildings and allows taking into account non-linear behaviour of structure are proposed in elaboration of Eurocode 8 requirements. The report provides the calculation examples of non-linear displacements of framed and frameless concrete buildings with application of that methodology.


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Author Biography

Igor Yakovenko, National Aviation University

National Aviation University


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Emelyanov, S., Nemchinov, Y., Kolchunov, V., & Yakovenko, I. (2016). Details of large-panel buildings seismic analysis. Enfoque UTE, 7(2), pp. 120 - 134.