Containers-Based Network Services Deployment: A Practical Approach




Virtualization, virtual machines, container, Raspberry Pi, Docker, Docker Compose, performance


In recent years, virtualizing network services
and functions has enabled optimizing hardware resources on
resource-constrained devices, such as CPU, memory, and storage.
Traditional virtualization is achieved through virtual machines
using a layer known as a hypervisor. While this form of virtualization offers advantages such as scalability and portability, it has disadvantages in terms of performance compared to non-virtualized deployments. In this context, alternative virtualization technologies like containers allow virtualization on the same physical infrastructure, improving overall performance, portability, and service scalability. This paper implements the deployment of network services on the Raspberry Pi development platform, which has limited resources. This is achieved through a multi-container virtualization solution using the Docker Compose tool, based on Docker containerization technology. Finally, a performance analysis of the implemented virtualization solution is conducted in terms of resource utilization by each service.



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