Vertical Integration in factories using OPC-UA and IEC-61499


  • Marcelo V. García Basque Country University
  • Edurne Irisarri Universidad Técnica de Ambato
  • Federico Pérez Universidad Técnica de Ambato



Cyber-Physical Production Systems (CPPS), Industry 4.0, OPC-UA, Modbus/TCP.


Nowadays, factory automation systems need to cope with very different challenges, such as big data, IIoT, etc. These challenges lead to a new generation of automation systems based on the so-called Cyber-Physical Production Systems (CPPS) globally connected to form a flexible System of Cyber-Physical Production Systems (SoCPPS). CPPSs require acquisition of production system data and smart data processing to extract information to improve the overall system performance. To achieve that it is needed to bridge the gap between the control systems and higher layers. This paper discusses an approach to use the IEC 61499 function block concept to exchange data between plant floor and higher layers using an industrial standard like OPC UA. The OPC UA server offers subscription mechanisms, making possible the integration of several resources residing at plant floor. As it runs on embedded devices, the proposal makes possible to acquire plant information at low cost, enabling at the same time, a component-based design for enterprise plant floor control with independence of the hardware platform used



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Author Biography

Federico Pérez, Universidad Técnica de Ambato

Universidad Técnica de Ambato


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V. García, M., Irisarri, E., & Pérez, F. (2017). Vertical Integration in factories using OPC-UA and IEC-61499. Enfoque UTE, 8(1), pp. 287 - 299.