Impact and prestige

Enfoque UTE is registered and indexed in many of the most renowned international scientific databases such as Web Of Science (ESCI), Scielo, REDIB, Latindex, DOAJ, OAJI, MIAR, Periódica, BibLat, Google Scholar, among others. Some of these databases have already assigned the journal with an impact factor (or its equivalent), such as the REDIB Journals Ranking (8,127), OAJI Impact Factor (0.351), MIAR ICDS (7.5) and Index Copernicus Value (82.65 ).

Visibility and access

The journal is clearly oriented towards an international audience and therefore receives manuscripts either in English or Spanish, having the active participation of authors, reviewers and collaborators in general, from all regions of the world, and with a great diversity of scientific approaches. Enfoque UTE firmly believes in the open and free dissemination of scientific knowledge, which is why it guarantees that its content and its services in general will be completely free for readers and authors. Additionally, the articles are published in the main digital formats, PDF and HTML, for the best reading experience.

Timeliness and formality

Enfoque UTE publishes quarterly, in early January, April, July and October. Manuscripts are received throughout the year, at any moment, and they immediately initiate the review process. Manuscripts Immediately upon receipt, manuscripts go through an initial analysis process for reception or dismissal, during not more than one month. If they are considered relevant, they undergo a double-blind, peer review process. This process lasts on average 3 to 6 months, until the author receives a definitive answer. Accepted articles are immediately posted publicly online as an Ahead-of-print, and are scheduled for publication in the next issue of the journal.

Ethics and scientific commitment

The journal adheres to the guidelines for publication ethics, defined by the COPE and makes available an explicit regulation based on the "Guidelines On Good Publication Practice". All our collaborators declare to follow these principles. Regarding the plagiarism detection, Enfoque UTE uses the Urkund system to validate all the received manuscripts, thus guaranteeing that only original and unpublished works are published online, contributing effectively to the scientific progress of the global community.

Clarifications or retractions

If there is any suspicion of unethical behavior, due to a complaint from any member of the community, the Editorial Committee will immediately initiate an investigation process that will involve requesting the authors all the relevant information they can provide, as well as appointing a member of the Editorial Committee in charge of independently collect relevant evidence. This way, the Editorial Committee will make an informed decision to solve the problem with equity and justice. If necessary, the Editorial Committee is ready for any modification, correction or clarification. This can even lead to the retraction of the disputed article, if the evidence justifies it.


Enfoque UTE, thanks to the OJS system, automatically archives in the PKP Preservation Network, the information of all its publications. Furthermore, the full content of the articles is posted (and backed up) in various academic networks providing open access, such as: OAJI, Scielo, Redalyc, Zenodo, Academia.edu, ... This guarantees the perennial access to the content published.

Editorial management

Enfoque UTE works with the OJS platform, worldwide the most recognized for the administration of scientific journals. It has the support of the Universidad UTE Editorial Department, which allows it to provide a professional service for text and style editing, and manuscripts design and layout. The journal has a first-class editorial team, composed of specialists with PhD studies and practical work experience in different branches of engineering, who provide their support as technical and scientific advisors.