RETRACTED: Design and construction of a permanent mold using finite element software


  • Fausto Oviedo Fierro Escuela Politécnica Nacional
  • Alexy Vinueza Lozada Universidad Tecnológica Equinoccial



FEM, die, power system, shrinkage, mold, knob, solidification


(Received: 2012/11/07 - Accepted: 2013/06/18 - Retracted: 2013/08/27)

Editorial Board Retraction Notice:

This article was retracted upon receiving confirmed evidence of double publication, therefore disrespecting the journal´s code of conduct. This Editorial Board takes this decision to honor the scientific community guidelines, in spite of having a Transfer of Copyright Agreement signed by the corresponding author.

The project was developed with specifications of a finite element method for the calculation ofthe field variables within a mold contour by choosing an appropriate mathematical model whichpermitted to incorporate simulation software. The development was a physical-practicalapplication for a piece of aluminum that will be built, and consists in the analysis of the functionsand stresses to which it is submitted. The metal mold is designed specifically for the mentionedpieces using “VULCAN” which is based on the Finite Element Method (FEM). The simulation isperformed in three stages of the fusion process: filling, solidification and cooling. The filling isconsidered slow enough so that there are not expected to be greater turbulences and that thepieces are completely filled. Solidification is analyzed as an optimal process, avoiding defects oflack of material in the mold cavity (shrinkage). In the cooling stage, deformations and residualstresses are analyzed. At the same time, every result is validated analytically. With thisinformation the final geometry of the metal mold is defined and the alloy which will be used is confirmed. Subsequently, a CAD-CAM-CAE system is used for the design and development ofthe mold, and the aluminum pieces (knobs) obtained are tested.



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