Data analysis and tools applied to modeling and simulation of a PV system in Ecuador

  • Darío Javier Benavides Padilla University of Jaén
  • F Jurado University of Jaén
  • Luis G González University of Cuenca
Keywords: Data analysis; Modeling, Simulation; Photovoltaic; Matlab/Simulink.


This paper presents a research was carried out for the management of a photovoltaic system in a Microgrid, with applications and the use of tools applied to modeling and computational simulation in the Microgrid laboratory implanted in the facilities of the University of Cuenca (Ecuador). Additionally, through the use of automatic learning techniques, the behavior of the photovoltaic system has been modeled in the study area based on radiation and temperature with very good results. In addition, several applications can be made in real engineering studies such as feasibility, performance analysis, energy estimation, educational models, etc.


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Benavides Padilla, D. J., Jurado, F., & González, L. G. (2018). Data analysis and tools applied to modeling and simulation of a PV system in Ecuador. Enfoque UTE, 9(4), pp. 1 - 12.
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