Automatic device to manufacture paraffin rings used in the Textile Industry

  • Luis Armando Hidalgo Aguilera Universidad UTE
  • Santiago David Morejón Bravo Universidad UTE
Keywords: paraffin, rings, textiles, friction, automatic


The work consists in the design and manufacture of an automatic device that allows to continuously elaborate paraffin rings used in the different processes of the Textile Industry. Paraffin is a byproduct of petroleum and is very useful in the Textile Industry, since it helps to reduce the friction between the threads and the different guides through which it passes, reducing the presence of exaggerated tensions that cause the breakage of the threads, defects in the tissues and the paralysis of machines and processes. The device, designed and validated in its mechanical structure by means of the use of a CAD program, consists of a rotating disc on which eight molds in the form of 54 cm3 capacity rings are located, automatically spaced and controlled to be filled with paraffin liquid continuously, guaranteeing the solidification and extraction of each ring in a synchronized manner as the disc rotates. The performance was validated observing that the results of the tests of dosage, time of filling, time of transfer, solidification time and extraction time of the solidified ring contributed to the productivity of this product.


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