Effect of replacing pork backfat with avocado oil on the quality of chicken sausages "Swiss type"


  • Adrián Moreno Vaca Universidad Tecnológica Equinoccial
  • Priscila Maldonado Pacheco Universidad Tecnológica Equinoccial




substitution, sausage, fat, oil, avocado


(Received: 2015/01/27 - Accepted: 2015/03/27)

A kind of chicken sausage “Swiss type” was developed with avocado oil content to replace all fat from pork back fat in its formulation. Analysis of lipid profile for pork back fat reported: SFA 35.45 %; MUFA 41.95 %; PUFA 20.71 %. For avocado oil: SFA 18.66 %; MUFA 68.37 %; PUFA 12.19 % . Treatments used which corresponding to the percentages of avocado oil content as a substitute for pork back fat in their formulation were: T1 = 50 %, T2 = 75 %, T3 = 100 %. Sensory acceptability of treatments was performed. There were no statistically significant differences. Treatment T3 with highest score was chosen as the best treatment. Physicochemical and microbiological characterization was performed for T3 treatment and for a treatment which didn’t have in its formulation avocado oil, T0 treatment. T0. Protein was 13.23% in T0 and 12.56% in T3. Total fat, SFA and PUFA in T3 were reduced in 3.7%, 5.24% and 2.53% respectively. MUFA showed an increase of 3.51% in T3. Trans acids was 0% for both treatments. The results obtained were located within the acceptable range established in the NTE (INEN) 1338:12.


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Moreno Vaca, A., & Maldonado Pacheco, P. (2015). Effect of replacing pork backfat with avocado oil on the quality of chicken sausages "Swiss type". Enfoque UTE, 6(1), pp. 55 - 70. https://doi.org/10.29019/enfoqueute.v6n1.55