Sick building syndrome in blocks of an academic institution of higher education


  • Fabián Ortiz Terán Universidad Tecnológica Equinoccial
  • Bolívar Haro Haro Universidad Tecnológica Equinoccial



syndrome, noise, prevalence, ventilation, sick.


(Received: 2015/04/28 - Accepted: 2015/06/17)

This research focusses on characterizing the sick building syndrome (SBS) on three buildings of the Engineering Sciences Faculty, at the Occidental Campus of the Universidad Tecnológica Equinoccial. By means of a comparative analysis between the prevalence result obtained within the research work and a comparison with the allowable levels according to NTP290 Spanish Code, determination was made that, in effect SBS exists in the studied buildings. The physical risk questionnaire was applied to the universe of studied people (N=64). Based on the results and in accordance to the prevalence appraisal, a proposal was formulated for the remediation of the involved working conditions on the studied buildings. This research will serve as an institutional reference for the building quality indicator of the University facilities and also for future researches.


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Ortiz Terán, F., & Haro Haro, B. (2015). Sick building syndrome in blocks of an academic institution of higher education. Enfoque UTE, 6(2), pp. 15 - 24.