Optimal Location of Transformers in Electrical Distribution Networks Using Geographic Information Systems





Optimal deployment; sizing; planning; transformation centers.


This research shows a heuristic model for the design of scalable and reliable electrical distribution networks. The algorithms presented allow to optimize the location of transformation centers using on their database geographic information systems from which it is possible to define user locations, candidate sites, possible routes for the deployment of the electricity grid and, in general, data for the reconstruction of the scenario. The model employs clustering and triangulation methods, as well as algorithms for creating a minimally expanding tree and the consequent site assignment for transformer placement. After setting the optimal locations for the transformer site, the algorithms compute voltage drops in secondary circuits, required transformation capability, execution times, and coverage achieved. The results obtained are adjusted to the requirements of an actual distribution power grid and show a good performance on the proposed scenario.


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Pinzón, S., Yánez, S., & Ruiz, M. (2020). Optimal Location of Transformers in Electrical Distribution Networks Using Geographic Information Systems. Enfoque UTE, 11(1), pp. 84 - 95. https://doi.org/10.29019/enfoque.v11n1.593



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