Comparison of descriptive sensory methods: flash profile and CATA questions to characterize muña infusions (Minthostachys mollis)




Flash profile, CATA, Rv coefficient, sensory, descriptive


This study compares two descriptive methods based on consumers' perceptions of the sensory profile of Andean Mint (Muña) herbal teas. Participants evaluated five Andean Mint beverages using flash profile (FP) methodology (n=20) and Check-All-That-Apply (CATA) questions (n=105). For data analysis, generalized procruster analysis (GPA) was used for the PF and the Cochran Q test with correspondence analysis for the CATA questions. In addition, the RV coefficient was used to compare the sensory maps generated by both methods, using the R software and XLSTAT-test version. The results of the flash profile and CATA questions showed the formation of four groups, the first group consisting of samples D and E; the second, third and fourth groups, A, B and C, respectively. The RV coefficient was 0.94, indicating a very high similarity between both methods. These results demonstrate a high accuracy and reproducibility of sensory information obtained by consumers applying descriptive sensory methods in foods. Flash profiling is slower and more labor-intensive, making it suitable for exploratory studies with a smaller number of consumers, while CATA questions are faster and less labor-intensive, making it suitable for studies with a larger group of consumers.



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