Information Systems for Enterprise Architecture

  • Oswaldo Moscoso Zea Universidad Tecnológica Equinoccial
Keywords: Enterprise Architecture, Information Systems, Software Evaluation


(Received: 2014/02/14 - Accepted: 2014/03/25)

Enterprise Architecture (EA) has emerged as one of the most important topics to consider in Information System studies and has grown to become an essential business management activity to visualize and evaluate the future direction of a company. Nowadays in the market there are several software tools that support Enterprise Architects to work with EA. In order to decrease the risk of purchasing software tools that do not fulfill stakeholder´s needs is important to assess the software before making an investment. In this paper a literature review of the state of the art of EA will be done. Furthermore evaluation initiatives and existing information systems are analyzed which can support decision makers in the appropriate software tools for their companies.


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